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Part Number: QBBKLG1126212

UPC-A: 616641509057 EAN/UCC-13: 0616641509057

QBBKLG Super Backlog & Inventory Calculator

QBBKLG Super Calculator is designed to calculate your backlog, inventory, items sold, or reasons why items were returned. With QBBKLG Super Backlog & Inventory Calculator you will be able to save  hundreds of man hours on calculating data. What would normally take days or hours upon hours, now takes a matter of seconds. Say for example if you want to calculate a item number with different options this program will do it. Calculate up to ten different options. Choose the date that items were sold from. QBBKLG Super Calculator works with QuickBooks, ecommerce stores, and many other programs too. Long as you are able to export your items into a excel csv format in the instructed order you will be able to easily calculate previous and future products that are being sold. Run this program on a local Intranet, or a web server. However due to data we do highly recommend running this program on a local Intranet. QBBKLG Super Calculator has been tested with xampp version 1.7.4 and does work fine on a AMD Duo core 1.0 GHz and 8 gig of ram with windows 7, calculating around 4,000 lines of data. So for example if you are calculating something that has more than 100,000 lines of product data it may be necessary to have a machine that is a bit quicker, that way you can get your total quicker. We can even install it for you for a very low fee. However to install we will need some type of access to your local network, desktop, or server.

  • php MySQL
  • English
  • Deustch
  • 中文(简体
  • 日本人
  • - One time fee of $19.95

    calculate select inventory





    delete date

    import options

    import part numbers

    import selected

    - One time fee of $19.95

    Expected Delivery time - 1 - 3 days through email

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